Advertise your House for £10/wk and get seen on GOOGLE pages

If you are selling your House through a Local High Street Estate Agent, and you would like to be guaranteed to be found by Google and appear on Google pages, hence reaching the widest UK and Global market possible for the search term ''Houses for sale in Ogmore by Sea''. To give your self that extra chance of selling your House first. You can have an Advert on this website and the main website 'Houses by the Sea' for only £10/wk paid by cheque or directly through PayPal. It may be good practice to pay £40 / Month in order that the advert stays active with no gaps.

The advert for your House would be in the form of a Photo of your House and a Title, that would Link to the Estate Agent website page that is selling your House for you. The sellers Fee would remain with your Estate Agent and all you have to pay here is the weekly charge. We will charge no extra on the Sale of your House. This will not affect your contract with your existing Estate Agent and you do not need their permission.

This will give you an advantage over other Houses for sale in your area as your House for sale will be found on Google page 1 and it will be noticed more easily.

And if you want to, in the future, you can change over to us completely for a 1% fee and no VAT and of course there would be no charge of £10/wk.

Either E-mail or telephone during office hours 01656 880147 or Mob: 0791 0888 763

The Studio above the Post Office.

83A Main Road Ogmore by Sea, Nr Bridgend,

Vale Glamorgan S. Wales. CF32 0PW


The Local Scenery of surrounding beaches and sunsets
The Village from Hardies Bay
1 Mile away at Southerndown Bay
The View across to Porthcawl
Walking from Ogmore by Sea to Southerndown
Sunsets all year round
Morning sun up the Bristol Channel
Ogmore by Sea from Newton Porthcawl
The Cliffs at Ogmore by Sea

A beautiful place to live, a beautiful place for life, The Gold coast of Wales.

For Viewing or selling Call on 01656 880147 or 0791 0888 763

Houses for sale in Ogmore By Sea

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